Who We Are?

BeautyBazaar is a distributor of Professional Salon Beauty products and tools providing to all regions of Pakistan. From Smaller cities and towns to major cities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver valuable learning, best quality products, and better customer care. We have capable experts who can guide customers, companies, beauty salon and artists to be successful and look best in their Styles.


BeautyBazaar has Professional managerial team, which is strong-minded to deliver leadership, focus, and direction on higher beauty brands and systems. That management reflects our philosophy of great support.

Better Customer Care

In today’s fast world, automated, high-tech replies, BeautyBazaar always tries to provide the best Customer services. You are as our Best Customer, you deserve the products on-time, next-day delivery!

Sales Force

Our Sales team is very dedicated to their work. They are very best in Building relationships with customers and businesses. BeautyBazaar has liable specialists, truly value their relationships with the consumer. BeautyBazaar Online Cosmetics Store – connecting with you for your future.


Our Stores are in 3 Cities of Pakistan. And we hope we will add more 5 stores this year in Pakistan’s Different Cities.

Main Office / Warehouse
Lahore Pakistan
Phone: (0345) 754 0791

Email: Orders@BeautyBazaar.pk